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In the constantly changing situation on the global energy market there is the need for additional information sources in order to form new corporate investment and sales strategies.

What information do you use when working on new and developing markets?
How sufficiently does it comply with your requirements to find out, when and where you should make long-term investments?
Or what equipment and services will be in demand tomorrow? And in what exact region?

Each day new opening production, design project or investment treaty rapidly changes the market. New sources and directions of the flow of goods have even greater impact on it.
These processes lie in the foundation of tomorrow decisions, made on the exchange, in the sales department of a plant or in the office of a politician. They allow us to properly plan and evaluate the sales of goods and services in the medium- and long-term perspective, as well as to make strategic investments.

We are presenting you a new product of our company - informational survey of the projects of the fuel and oil-and-gas market in Russia and CIS, one of the key markets in the world.

The access to the corporate information, exceeding the scope of our principal specialization, enables us to offer it to other interested members of the market.

We offer:

  • On-line information about the current industrial projects, that are now being designed, built and buying equipment;
  • News about new and reopening productions;
  • News from the leading companies about strategic investments and development plans.

Sources for the surveys:

  • Corporate market data of our company;
  • Open publications;
  • Information from the market members and contractors.

The basic geography of the projects: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

You can find demo version of the survey and terms of subscription below.

Discover new investment possibilities and means of goods and service promotion together with us.

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Analytical survey (Demo version)

29.06.12. Engineering company CA NIPI TransNeft Ltd. (Almaty, Kazakhstan) is in charge of EPC project of petroleum storage depot for KazRosMunay Onimderi ltd. (Almaty).
The project proposes construction of a new storage base of 32 000 cubic meters capacity. It includes following main parts: 14 storage tanks for gasoline and diesel, 4 truck top loading points, 6 railcar loading/unloading points, pump station, vapor recovery unit. On this year equipment matching, engineering and common excavation are planned. The main construction and equipment purchase will be next year.

15.06.12. TNK-BP subsidiary "Rospan International" JSC has commenced realization of a large-scale project to construct the loading station of stable gas condensate of ON-SPOT type into railcars that has 4,5 million per year capacity, as well as the automatic railcar loading rack of LPG that has capacity of 0,7 million tons per year in Korotchayevo (Tyumen Oblast, Russia).
The project includes approach railroad and tank battery.

07.06.12. SOCAR will invest approximately $10 billion in Turkish projects.
The State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) plans to significantly increase its investments in the projects in Turkey, informed vice-president on economic affairs of SOCAR Suleyman Gasymov during the 19th international Caspian Oil&Gas conference.
"SOCAR intends to invest around $10 billion in the projects in Turkey", said Gasymov and added that the investment is planned for the next 7-8 years.
According to Gasymov taking into account the construction project of Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline (TANAP) and the new petroleum refinery STAR Refinery the total volume of investments in Turkey may exceed $17 billion.

05.06.12. LUKOIL is planning to invest approximately $5,5 billion in the economy of Uzbekistan in 7 years.
Russian oil company LUKOIL intends to invest around $5,5 billion in the economy of Uzbekistan for the next 7 years, announced president of the RF Vladimir Putin at the end of his official visit to the republic.
Replying to the question concerning the competition of two countries in oil industry, Putin pointed out, that for now with respect to the volumes of gas production in the region Uzbekistan cannot compete with Russia.

01.06.12. "Rosneft" has chosen potential partners for petrochemical complex in Primorye.
"Oil company "Rosneft" JSC has chosen potential partners for the construction project of petrochemical complex in Russian Far East in Nakhodka Region. Realization of the construction project of petrochemical complex "Vostochnaya neftehimicheskaya kompaniya" (VNHK) in Far East, the first production stage capacipy of which will be 3,4 million by raw material, started in 2011. The plant will specialize in polymer manufacture (polyethylene and polypropylene).
The following licensors of process installations have been chosen: Lummus, Shell, Axens, Ineos; actions have been made to lease and purchase land for construction, the list of potential foreign partners is also determined. In December 2011 the company chose the prime contractor for construction - "Angarskneftehimproyekt" JSC (Angarsk, Russia). The construction of petrochemical complex may cost more than $10 billion. Also within the framework of the project a specialized marine terminal is planned to be constructed in order to ship the finished product for export.

25.05.12. Petroleum refinery "Volhovneftehim" (Leningrad Oblast, Russia), started in summer 2011, is planning the launch of the second production stage of 500 000 EGT capacity, thus doubling the total processing volume.
The second stage of production includes a more efficient hydrofining and recycling of raw material and is now in design stage.



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