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Our company deals with design of tank farms of different categories, which are either intended to be independent objects (transfer and distribution tank farms) or included into an enterprise.

Design of tank farms includes:

  • Designing tank truck operation area (constructions for the loading of oil products into tank trucks);
  • Designing railroad operation area (constructions for the loading/unloading of oil products into railcars);
  • Designing water operation area (constructions for the loading/unloading of oil products into barges or tankers);
  • Designing oil products storage area (tank battery for light and dark petroleum products);
  • Designing operational area (intended for keeping the means for dispatching small loads of oil products);
  • Designing treating facilities area (constructions designed to clean oil containing waters from oil products);
  • Designing administrative and utility areas.

Besides we execute projects to make storage depots of oil and oil products meet the norms and requirements of production safety, to equip and update fire safety systems in tank batteries, loading/unloading racks, industrial buildings and tank farm platforms.

Projection work of oil loading terminals, executed by us, include: onshore tank farms, industrial pipe-lines, industrial pumphouses, record units, waterfront structures (onshore terminal, piers, remote receiving devices etc.), hose units (standers, flexible rubber armored hoses), treating facilities, secondary buildings and constructions (central control station, boiler room etc.), supervisory control systems, data collection and communication systems.


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